Services we offer

Our pampered of the home


Due to our commitment to the environment, we use products of the highest quality, natural and biodegradable. Towels, material and equipment are strictly disinfected between each service.

Hairdressing and care

All dogs, even those with short fur, need proper care and proper treatment when cleaning. Therefore, at Pachulos we care about doing a personalized job with your four-legged friend. We will gladly meet your individual requirements.

In Pachulos we use combs and brushes suitable for the specific type of fur of your dog.
* Your dog needs, also at home, to be combed and brushed regularly.

In Pachulos the fur of your dog will be cut by hand or shaved with machine, according to each race or customized as you wish.

In Pachulos we demat the fur, this way avoiding possible skin irritation.

This technique is used with specific breeds. Removing the old hair of your dog will give an opportunity to grow new and healthy fur.

In Pachulos we bath and dry your dog. A relaxing moment for which we use quality products, only.

In Pachulos we cut the nails, we clean and remove specks and excess hair of the paws, thus avoiding pain and possible irritations.

In Pachulos we remove the hair of the ear canal ensuring a correct ventilation of the inner ear and thereby preventing possible inflammation.

In Pachulos we care about the health of your dog; to avoid a possible infection, we take care of cleaning the anal gland.

Dietary counseling

In Pachulos we advise you about the correct nutrition of your four-legged friend.

  • Custom nutrition plan
  • Nutrition according to the age of the dog
  • Suitable nutrition for overweight dogs

*Important: Our advice is not to tell you what food to buy, but what is best and necessary for your dog.